I'm Max Kulik - A Freelance Web Developer

Feel free to have a look around!


Below are examples of websites that I have made and/or currently operate.

Fullcircle Media Solutions (closed)

TropiCraft (abandoned)

Stick'em Stickers (abandoned)

Wherehouse MKE

UrbanTurtles (abandoned)



Web Design
MaxKulik.net offers a wide range of web development solutions such as Do-It-Yourself Wordpress websites. To custom hand coded sites to your exact need. Whatever you choose to go with, I will work very close with you to make sure that your every need is met!

E-Waste Recycling
If you are local to the Metro Milwaukee area MaxKulik.net accepts your e-waste! We also wipe hard drives safely to ensure all potentially sensitive data is removed before disposal!

Game Server/TeamSpeak Hosting
Game Servers is what brought MaxKulik.net to what it is today! This is our bread and butter and what got us started! If there is any game that you would like to have your own private dedicated server for, MaxKulik.net Hosting Solutions can provide you with the BEST deal around! MaxKulik.net has a very fast, dedicated Fiber connection to it's servers, allowing you to have very low latency servers.

Local Consultation
MaxKulik.net also provides consultation on in-home networking solutions and PC/laptop repair.

MaxKulik.net can also provide some services that we do not advertise as much, such as forums, blogs, file hosting, online databases, and personal VM's.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know using the forum below. I also offer website hosting, so feel free to ask about options for that as well.